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Whether you are seeking to  create an  Advisory Board, develop and implement Strategic Planning, deploy Operational Improvements, grow through Acquisition, or require Technology Guidance...The Distributor Board is your ANSWER.

Owners of distribution companies face a daily barrage of challenges.  Many of these require solutions that are NOT readily at the hand of the owners and managers of small to mid-size distributors.  This is where the Distributor Board comes into play. We know this, because we have sat in your seat.  We have run and consulted to distribution-based companies for over 30 years. We understand the need for people who are knowledgeable about distribution and can provide effective and often creative solutions.  We bring value in a multitude of ways to each and every distributor client we serve. Our services are available throughout the USA.


Here are some of the issues that we have successfully solved for distribution-based companies:

  • How do we grow the profitability of our business over the long term?
  • Who are our most profitable customers?
  • How do we keep our best and most important customers?
  • How do we retain our best employees and replace those who are not?
  • In a tight credit market, how do we meet our financial obligations and ensure that we have sufficient capital?
  • How do we manage the rapid changes occurring in our market?
  • How do we effectively manage family members who have a role in the business?
  • How do we add value and differentiate our business from our competitors?
  • How can we best leverage technology both inside and outside of our business?
  • How do we grow the value of our distribution business?
  • What should our succession plan look like?

About Us: Who is The Distributor Board?

The Distributor Board was born out of the realization that distribution-focused companies need the ability to reach out to a single organization when they face challenges in distribution. The Distributor Board is dedicated to helping distributors of any products overcome perplexing issues. Rather than a distributor needing to engage the services of specific functional area consultants, The Distributor Board has assembled experts in all aspects of distribution. Whether you need to develop a goal-oriented strategic plan, grow your business through acquisition, select a new business system, or improve your warehouse processes, The Distributor Board is the answer.

The founding partners of The Distributor Board have been positively influencing the growth of distributors for decades. We knew that it was important to take our years of experience and allow distributors access to our knowledge and expertise. We do this through Advisory Board services and a wide range of project-based consulting services.

Find out how we can help you solve these and many other pressing issues by contacting us today.

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